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SWITCH: Vintage Style Slim In-Line

SWITCH: Vintage Style Slim In-Line - INSTALLED


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IMPORTANT: This switch is in your cart because you have ordered a cord set or pendant with this type of switch.  The price is higher than for the non-installed version of the switch because we need to cover the cost of installation.  IF YOU REMOVE IT FROM YOUR CART, YOU WILL GET THE CORD SET OR PENDANT WITHOUT A SWITCH.

Attach this in-line switch to any of our wires up to 16-gauge to allow turning your lamp, fan, or small appliance on and off at a convenient distance from your chair or bedside. It comes in black, gold, and white.

This switch fits cords up to 1/4" in diameter.

This switch comes with two terminals in the middle where you attach the hot wire. It also comes with a terminal pair on either side. These are included for a European-style wiring, but should be removed if you are not doing that kind of wiring. When these are removed (using a small screwdriver to pry them up), you can run the neutral and, if you have one, ground wires along the sides without cutting them. In the picture, the black switch has the extra terminals still in it and the gold one has them removed and they are sitting beside it.

This product is one switch only. The wire is not included, but you can have us install the switch for you if you order a cordset (wire with plug attached) or pendant (wire with socket and plug).

Please see How to Wire an In-Line Switch for instructions on how to install this switch.

UL: UL-Recognized, 125V/2A-250V/1A Made in: Italy Dimensions: 2 1/2" x 1" x 1"