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Wholesale/Bulk Orders

Braiding machines at Sundial Wire


Sundial Wire™ welcomes the opportunity to sell wholesale and in bulk. We generally have very short lead times and can be very flexible in terms of what specifics you need, including put-ups.


We have graduated price reductions from our retail prices based on volume. Price reductions start on orders of 1000 feet or more in one order, of any assortment of wires. With sufficient annual sales, discounts will be given on all orders, regardless of the volume of any particular order. You can receive bulk pricing when you send us a PO via email or call us with your order.

What We Offer

Braided Wire

We manufactures electrical cables, wires, and cords braided with cotton or rayon. Our wires are suitable for lighting and small appliances, antiques and modern applications, anywhere electrical lamp cord used.

We offer, all available in a large selection of colors and patterns:

  • UL-listed pulley cord
    • 18-gauge SVT-2-B and SVT-3-B
    • 18- and 16-gauge SJT-3-B
  • UL-listed 18-gauge parallel cord, SPT-1-B
  • non-UL 14-gauge SJT-3
  • 16-, 18-, 20-, and 22-gauge. twisted pair
  • 16-gauge overbraid
  • 4-, 16-, 18-, 20-, and 22-gauge single-conductor
All wire is untinned stranded copper insulated with PVC. Please see our custom orders page for details on ordering wire that is not currently in our product line.

Our pulley and parallel cords are US/CA UL-listed for UL 62 Flexible Cord standards SVT-B, SPT-1-B, SPT-2-B, SJT-B.

Custom Assemblies

Custom assemblies are also available: pendants (wire with socket and optional plug and/or in-line switch) and cord sets (wire with plug and optional in-line switch).


Wire cutting and bundling of cord is also available.