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When Will I Get My Stuff?

Order Processing Time/Rush Shipments

Normally we ship orders within a business day or two of their being placed. However, it sometimes takes us a week or more before we process an order. This is very rare, but it can happen if power outage or other extreme events arise, so you should not rely on same-day or even next-day processing of your order, especially if you have a critical deadline. Please use express shipping methods if you need rush shipping and call us if it is important to have same-day shipping.

If you want rush shipping, please place orders shipping via FedEx Express (any FedEx service besides Ground or Home Delivery) before 2:30 PM Eastern Time. We do not guarantee that rush shipping will be shipped on the day the order is placed, but we do our best if the order was placed by the stated time.

Also please note that we do not ship on Saturday and that FedEx shipment times DO NOT INCLUDE WEEKEND DAYS. Therefore, if your 2Day order ships on Friday, it will arrive on Tuesday. If it ships on Thursday, it will arrive on Monday. An overnight shipment shipped on Friday will arrive on Monday. This applies to Ground and Home Delivery shipments also, although Home Delivery delivers on Saturday. Ground (to a business) does not deliver on Saturday.

Also, please remember to add a day to the shipping time if your package is Ground or Home Delivery or if you order Express after 2:30 Eatern Time.

Please note that no matter what service you choose, there is no absolute guarantee that the transit time will be what the delivery service predicts. During the heavy shipping times around the holidays there may be delays. Also, bad weather and fires cause delays. The Post Office has this disclaimer on its web site: "Exceptions apply and delivery time is not guaranteed." And this is true for all carriers. So please allow a bit of extra time if you can.

Origin Zip Code

We ship all orders from our factory in Florence, Massachusetts, zip code 01062. This can be used in the From zip code box in the FedEx calculator to determine the various transit times for all FedEx shipping options. This is the most accurate way of determining the transit time.

The Post Office does not have a specific transit time calculator but you can get time estimates with their domestic cost calculator and international cost calculator if you just estimate the weight and specify the shape as package rather than letter or any of the other choices.

Please note that we have encountered a zip code where FedEx Priority Overnight service was not actually overnight, so it is safest to double-check no matter what service you plan to use. And please be aware of the exceptions noted in the first paragraph on this page.

Counting Days

When counting the days for a FedEx shipment, Saturday and Sunday are not included. But realize that Home Delivery packages are delivered on Saturdays. Ground (business) packages are not delivered on Saturday unless an additional fee is applied, but are delivered on Monday.

When counting days for USPS, Sunday is not included but Saturday is.

Also, please see the shipping information on our customer service page for the deadlines for placing an order to have it ship the same day it is ordered. You will have to add a day if you miss the shipping deadline.

FedEx Shipments

FedEx Ground Overnight Ground/Home Delivery Area

If your order is going to be shipped to the areas pictured in purple below Ground and Home Delivery services arrive overnight, in the afternoon for Ground (business) or evening for Home Delivery (residential). Note that if a package ships on Friday, if it is Home Delivery it will be delivered on Saturday. If it is Ground, it will be delivered on Monday.

FedEx Ground overnight shipping area


If your state is only partially purple, your package will arrive overnight if your zip code is in the list below.

FedEx Ground overnight service area zip codes

FedEx Ground Overnight Ground/Home Delivery Area

This map shows the transit times for Ground/Home Delivery packages throughout the country. If your state is split, you should check using the FedEx calculator.

FedEx Ground shipping delivery times 

FedEx Ground times legend

USPS Shipments

Priority Mail

The Post Office has this map to show where Priority Mail takes one, two, or three days.


USPS Priority Mail delivery times 


However, most of the states are more than one color and the Post Office does not have a zip code list that shows the transit times, so the only way to get a time estimate is by using their domestic ost calculator or international cost calculator. Just estimate the weight and specify the shape as package rather than letter or any of the other choices.

First Class Mail

We're sorry but we just don't know how long First Class Mail takes.