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6 feet
8 feet
12 feet
16 feet
Rubber Rectangular – Black
Rectangular – Black
Rectangular – Brown
Rectangular – White
Round with Neck – Black
Ribbed Round with Neck – Black
Ribbed Button – Black
Ribbed Button – Brown
Ribbed Button – White
Acorn Button – Black
Acorn Button – Brown
Acorn Button – White
Faceted - Brown
Faceted - Ivory
Rubber Rectangular - White

A cord set is a length of wire with a plug on one end and the other end prepared to be wired to a lamp or small appliance. (If you would also like a socket attached to the wire, please see our pendant products.)

This cord set selection allows you to choose from any of our 2-conductor 20-gauge twisted pair wires fitted with any of our 2-prong plugs.  Please note that most of the plugs have large openings for the wire, that can seem too large for  small-gauge wires.  We recommend the rubber rectangular plug due to its gasket-like wire opening that will surround the wire despite its small size.

You also have the option of adding any of our cord switches which fit this wire. If you do choose to add a switch, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the switch added. If you remove this installed-switch product from your cart, your cord set will be made without a switch. 

The cord set lengths available are 6, 8, 10, 12, and 16 feet. If you would like a length not offered in the Length options, add the number of feet you would like added to the length you chose.  For example, if you would like a 7 foot cord set, choose 6 feet as the length and then chose 1 foot in the Additional Wire Length box. If you want one of the standard lengths, just ignore the Additional Wire Length option.  If you do choose to add additional wire, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the additional wire.  If you remove this additional-wire product from your cart, your cord set will be made without the additional length. 

PLEASE NOTE: If the quantity is set higher than one when you click on "Add To Cart", you will get that many of the same configuration of cord set. If you want one or more of a different combination of length/wire/plug/switch, you will have to set those options again and then set the quantity and click on "Add To Cart" for the new cord set configuration. If you are confused about how to get what you want, please don't hesitate to give us a call at the number at the bottom of the page.

IMPORTANT: Cord sets are custom-made for each order. They cannot be returned, removed from the order, or the quantity reduced once we have started making them up.


It would probably help to have an idea of which wire and which plug you would like before you choose your cord set product, so we recommend looking through the 2-conductor 20-gauge twisted pair wires and the 2-prong plugs prior to choosing your cord set.

Also, if the wire or plug you choose is out of stock, we will try our best to remove the option from the drop-down menu. If there is any issue with an out of stock item we will call or email to provide a lead time or inquire about a substitution.

If you choose a rectangular plug or any of the button plugs, there is no room in the plug for an underwriter's knot. The knot helps keep the wires connected to the plug even with some tension applied to the plug (but please never yank on the wire to unplug the plug). We will make an underwriter's knot in the other plugs.


We will assemble your cord sets as soon as we can, but please allow several days for us to do the assembly. We will hold your entire order until all the cord sets ordered are ready to ship.