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Cloth-Covered Wire Samples Packets

Cloth-Covered Wire Samples Packets


Samples Length:
4-inch samples
foot-long samples
Packet Contents:
2-Conductor 18-Gauge Cotton Pulley Cord
3-Conductor 18-Gauge Cotton Pulley Cord
2-Conductor 18-Gauge Rayon Pulley Cord
3-Conductor 18-Gauge Rayon Pulley Cord
2-Conductor 18-Gauge Pulley Cord
3-Conductor 18-Gauge Pulley Cord
14-Gauge Pulley Cord
Cotton Parallel Cords
Rayon Parallel Cords
Parallel Cords
16-Gauge Twisted Pair
18-Gauge Twisted Pair
20-Gauge Twisted Pair
22-Gauge Twisted Pair
Overbraid Cords
Single-Conductor Wires
2-Conductor 18-Gauge Wires
3-Conductor 18-Gauge Wires
All Wires

A sample packet with either a 4-inch or foot-long length of each of the wires in the selected packet, including all styles, number of conductors, and gauges that fit the packet category.

Be aware that if you order a full samples pack that you will get two of each pulley cord, one 2-conductor and one 3-conductor.  It may be cheaper and more efficient to order several sample packets to avoid getting wires of no interest to you.  You can also order a sample packet and one or more individual sample wires (see that product) to avoid getting - and paying for - more samples than you want.

The wires in the picture will not be exactly what will be in your packet. The picture is just a random collection of wire pieces.

Free Shipping applies when ordering only samples (no non-sample products in your order) and only applies to domestic orders. Your samples will be sent via the USPS, First Class.