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Custom Wire

black and white wire

Placing Your Order

Before ordering, please read through this page to acquaint yourself with the basics of placing a custom order with us. You should decide what color(s) you would like, whether you would like cotton (not shiny) or rayon (slightly shiny, similar to silk), and whether you would like a patterned or solid-color wire. You also will need to know what type of wire you would like braided, what quantity you would like to order, etc. The sections below go over what we are able to offer.

When you are ready with the specifics of your order and have determined that they are within what is possible for us based on the information below, please call 413-582-6909 or email <>to place your order.

Charges and Minimum Quantities

We have in the past waived all of the custom order fees when the wire desired is something that Sundial Wire would like to add to its product line and has time to add to the manufacturing queue.  So ask first before you decide you don't want to pay the custom order fees.

We charge a $200 set-up fee for each custom combination of color/pattern/wire. In other words, if you want two black-and-white wires but with different patterns, there will be a $200 fee for each. This is to cover the fact that we have to reconfigure the braiding machine for each difference in color, pattern, or the wire being braided.

We also charge a per-foot charge which is dependent on the number of feet you order. The range is from $10.00 per foot for our minimum order of 25-feet, to the price we charge for a similar wire when purchased by the spool for large orders. We will give you your per-foot price when you give us all the particulars of your order.


You will find a list of colors we currently use below. It is much cheaper and faster for us to produce your custom wire if you choose from the colors we currently use.

If you want a color we don't have in-house, if it's a color that we are not interested in adding to our line, you would have to cover the cost of the minimum amount of yarn that we are required to buy by our yarn vendor. This would likely add close to $1000 to the cost for each custom color if you only want a small quantity of wire braided. If you have us make tens of thousands of feet, we will use the yarn in the production of the wire and will only charge for any yarn left over after production.

Rayon colors must be chosen from a set of stock colors available from our vendor. They cannot be custom dyed. The lead time is dependent on the availability of our yarn vendor to process the yarn and his lead time in obtaining it. These lead times are usually on the order of a few weeks for rayon yarn, but can sometimes be much longer. We can only determine what the lead time will be at the time of the order because it is dependent on our vendor and his suppliers.

Cotton can be dyed to order, but the lead times are very long, months. It is natural to think that we could order yarn dyed to a Pantone (or some other color standard) color, but, unfortunately, that is not the case. You must supply something for the dyers to match and approve a dyed sample or have a second or third sample dyed if the first sample is not satisfactory. Each sample takes weeks. As with the rayon yarn, we can only determine what the lead time will be at the time of the order because it is dependent on our vendor and his suppliers.

Lead Time

Lead times vary greatly according to whether we stock the colors you would like or not. If we have to order yarn, it can take from a few weeks to months just to acquire the yarn as described above.

The time it will take to do the braiding varies according to what we have in the queue for the braiders at the time you order, but it will usually be from four weeks to eight weeks from when we receive the yarn or if we have the yarn in stock.


The wire can be spooled in a variety of lengths depending on the wire construction and whether you have the capability to handle larger spools. You should be prepared to tell us what size and weight spools you can manage and how many feet you would like on each spool. We may have to charge extra to order spools that we don't normally stock if the amount that you want per spool will not be accommodated by our spools.

Underlying Wire

We have the following wires on hand for custom wire use:

  • UL-listed pulley cord
    • 18-gauge SVT-2-B and SVT-3-B
    • 18- and 16-gauge SJT-3-B
  • UL-listed 18-gauge parallel cord, SPT-1-B
  • non-UL 14-gauge SJT-3
  • 16-, 18-, 20-, and 22-gauge. twisted pair
  • 16-gauge overbraid
  • 4-, 16-, 18-, 20-, and 22-gauge single-conductor

All wire is untinned stranded copper insulated with PVC. 

Our pulley and parallel cords are US/CA UL-listed for UL 62 Flexible Cord standards SVT-B, SPT-1-B, SPT-2-B, SJT-B.

If you want a different wire, we can look into getting it for you if you give us the specifications.

If you want to provide wire or tubing for us to braid over, it must be less than 50 feet in length or it must be supplied on spools with the following specifications so that the spools can be used on our machines. 

  • maximum flange diameter: 24 inches
  • maximum traverse length plus flange thicknesses: 16 inches
  • arbor hole to accommodate 1.25-inch shaft


We cannot produce just the cloth covering, what is called loom. We must have something to braid over.





Current Stocked Colors

Please be aware that it is very difficult to photograph color completely accurately and monitors also display color differently, so if accurate color is important to you, please order wire samples on our samples page.

Stocked Cotton Colors

Black  Bright Gold -- available for large diameters only Brushed Gold -- available for smaller diameters only
Burnt Orange Dark Brown Gray
Green Light Brown Lime
Pale Blue -- available for smaller diameters only Putty Raspberry
Red Slate Blue Turquoise
yellow yarn
Yellow --available for large diameters only White

Stocked Rayon Colors

Black Gold          Mahogany Brown -- available for smaller diameters only
Pewter Silver Walnut Brown

Braid Patterns

We offer a variety of braid patterns, from solid color to all the patterns shown below. If you are interested in a pattern that we do not show below, please send us a photograph or a piece of wire. We should be able to duplicate any pattern.

Single Tracer Double Tracer Triple Tracer
Quadruple Tracer Crossed Tracer Double Crossed Tracer
Small Hound's-Tooth Large Hound's-Tooth Jagged Hound's-Tooth
Zig-Zag Stripe Broken Stripe
Bungalow Cord™