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Bamboo Slatted Trapezoid Pendant Light

Bamboo Slatted Trapezoid Pendant Light


Wire Length:
4 feet
8 feet
16 feet
Would you like us to assemble the light for you?:
yes - assemble the light for me
no - I will assemble the light
no plug
Rubber Rectangular – Black

This is a pendant light made with Sundial Wire's 2-conductor pulley cord and an IKEA Rimforsa basket as the shade.

This light can be configured to have a plug so that it can be hung from the ceiling and plugged into the wall.  Or it can have no plug and be hard-wired into the ceiling. When configured with a plug, it is perfect for when you are renting or if you just want to show off more of the beautiful cloth-covered wire.

This light is an IKEA hack, an item made with an IKEA product hacked to make it into a something different from what it was originally intended.  

There is also a wall-mounted version of this light.

You can buy the lamp as a kit and assemble it yourself, or you can have us assemble it for you. You tell us which you would like in the options.

The kit or assembled light includes:

  • 4, 8, or 16 feet of the 2-Conductor 18-Gauge Pulley Cord of your choice
  • 1 porcelain medium wide duplex socket
  • 1 Rimforsa bamboo basket
  • 1 1" steel threaded 1/8IP nipple
  • brass knurled locknuts
  • 1 1/8IP female strain relief, brass
  • 1 Black Rubber Rectangular Plug
  • 1 packet of four 1.5" pieces of clear silicone tape
  • assembly instructions (unassembled kit only)

You have the option of adding any of our cord switches which fit this wire. If you do choose to add a switch, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the switch added. If you remove this installed-switch product from your cart, your light will be made without a switch. 

The cord set lengths available are 4, 8, and 16 feet. If you would like a length not offered in the Length options, add the number of feet you would like added to the length you chose.  For example, if you would like a 7 foot cord set, choose 6 feet as the length and then chose 1 foot in the Additional Wire Length box. If you want one of the standard lengths, just ignore the Additional Wire Length option.  If you do choose to add additional wire, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the additional wire.  If you remove this additional-wire product from your cart, your cord set will be made without the additional length. 

Please note that, while we try to complete assemblies within 2-3 days of when the order was placed, depending on how many you as well as others have ordered, the time for assembly may in rare cases be more than a week.