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Bamboo Slatted Trapezoid Wall-Mounted Light

Bamboo Slatted Trapezoid Wall-Mounted Light


Would you like us to assemble the light for you?:
no - I will assemble the light
yes - assemble the light for me
Would you like us to include mounting hardware, 2 mollies and 2 screws?:

This light is actually an IKEA hack, an item made out of two IKEA products hacked to make them into a something different from what they were originally intended.  The hack is based on IKEA's Ekby Valter shelf support and the Rimforsa basket.

This is a wall lamp made with Sundial Wire's twisted pair wire. It is very well suited to being a bedside or hall light.  But it is also very suitable for any place where you don't want to take the space for a standing lamp. Since it does not need to be wired into the wall, it is perfect for when you are renting or if you just want to show off the beautiful cloth-covered wire.

There is also a pendant version of this light.

You can buy the lamp as a kit and assemble it yourself, or you can have us assemble it for you. You tell us which you would like in the options below.

The kit or assembled light includes:

  • 8 feet of the 2-Conductor 18-Gauge twisted wire of your choice
  • 1bamboo Rimforsa basket
  • 1 keyless Bakelite socket
  • 1 Ekby Valter 7 1/8" x 9" birch shelf bracket
  • 3 brass knurled locknuts
  • 1 1/8IPS female strain relief, brass
  • 1 Black Rubber Rectangular Plug
  • 2 1 1/2" Solid Brass Pipe, Inside Thread 1/8IP
  • 1 1.5" steel threaded 1/8IP nipple
  • 2 1" steel threaded 1/8IP nipples
  • 1 packet of four 1.5" pieces of clear silicone tape (unassembled kit only)
  • assembly instructions (unassembled kit only)

You also have the option of adding any of our cord switches which fit this wire. If you do choose to add a switch, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the switch added. If you remove this installed-switch product from your cart, your light will be made without a switch. 

The light comes with 8 feet of wire. If you would like a longer cord, options, add the number of feet you would like added to the length you chose.  For example, if you would like a 9 foot cord set,  choose 1 foot in the Additional Wire Length box.  If you do choose to add additional wire, a separate product will appear in your cart to account for the additional wire.  If you remove this additional-wire product from your cart, your cord set will be made without the additional length. 

Please note that, while we try to complete assemblies within 2-3 days of when the order was placed, depending on how many you as well as others have ordered, the time for assembly may in rare cases be more than a week.